noveber 2017

Warsztaty ze światowej sławy fotoreporterką Moniką Bułaj.

13 april 2017

Performing Santa Caterina – Artist in Residence, Foligno, Italy. The multimedia installation created by two polish artists: Anna Kaleta-Kunert and Karolina Mikołajczuk. Presentation of our work called Adesso qui will take place in Auditorium Santa Caterina, Foligno at 9 PM.

10 december 2016

First DOP Prize for Anna Kaleta-Kunert on 25th polish music-videos festival – YACH FILM FESTIWAL 2016 Gdańsk, Poland, for music video „Cin” by Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek. Music video created in collaboration with Immer Studio.

10 december 2016

Videonews video review in Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland. Presentation of our Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek – „Cin” music video.

10 may 2016

Presentation of Silence Inside multimedia installation on Human Tech Art , Hoża 51, Warsaw, Poland.

5 december 2015

The international symposium, exhibition and public events ART IN PROCESS; presentation of the Silence Inside work at Accademy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, Poland. The symposium is accompanied with two catalogues written by the participants in polish and english.

17 may 2015

The presentation of interactive work Silence Inside at Multimedial May at University of Music in Warsaw, Poland.

16 may 2014

The official opening in Rondo Sztuki of the 1st Student’s Drawing Triennial – Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland. Presentation of one of my drawings. The exhibition is accompanied with the publication of a catalogue with works of all participants.

19-25 august 2013

Illustration exhibition, Perugia, Italy.